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A photo of a crowded subway station full of people going up and down escalators
Sociologists study how society affects people and how people affect society. (Photo courtesy of Diego Torres Silvestre/flickr)

We all belong to many groups; you’re a member of your sociology class, and you're a member of your family; you may belong to a political party, sports team, or the crowd watching a sporting event; you’re a citizen of your country, and you're a part of a generation. You may have a somewhat different role in each group and feel differently in each.

Groups vary in their sizes and formalities, as well as in the levels of attachment between group members, among other things. Within a large group, smaller groups may exist, and each group may behave differently.

At a rock concert, for example, some may enjoy singing along, others prefer to sit and observe, while still others may join in a mosh pit or try crowd surfing. Why do we feel and act differently in different types of social situations? Why might people of a single group exhibit different behaviors in the same situation? Why might people acting similarly not feel connected to others exhibiting the same behavior? These are some of the many questions sociologists ask as they study people and societies.

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Sociology 02 Sociological Research MCQ
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Sample Questions from the Sociology 02 Sociological Research MCQ Quiz

Question: What research method did John S. Lynd and Helen Merrell Lynd mainly use in their Middletown study?


Secondary data


Participant observation


Question: Which statement provides the best operational definition of "childhood obesity"?


Children who eat unhealthy foods and spend too much time watching television and playing video games

A distressing trend that can lead to health issues including type 2 diabetes and heart disease

Body weight at least 20% higher than a healthy weight for a child of that height

The tendency of children today to weigh more than children of earlier generations

Question: What method did researchers John Mihelich and John Papineau use to study Parrotheads?





Case study

Question: Sociological studies test relationships in which change in one ______ causes change in another.


test subject



operational definition

Question: Which materials are considered secondary data?


Photos and letters given to you by another person

Books and articles written by other authors about their studies

Information that you have gathered and now have included in your results

Responses from participants whom you both surveyed and interviewed

Question: In a study, a group of 10-year-old boys are fed doughnuts every morning for a week and then weighed to see how much weight they gained. Which factor is the dependent variable?


The doughnuts

The boys

The duration of a week

The weight gained

Question: Which best describes the results of a case study?


It produces more reliable results than other methods because of its depth

Its results are not generally applicable

It relies solely on secondary data analysis

All of the above

Question: The main difference between ethnography and other types of participant observation is:


ethnography isn't based on hypothesis testing

ethnography subjects are unaware they're being studied

ethnographic studies always involve minority ethnic groups

there is no difference

Question: Why is choosing a random sample an effective way to select participants?


Participants do not know they are part of a study

The researcher has no control over who is in the study

It is larger than an ordinary sample

Everyone has the same chance of being part of the study

Question: Which research approach is best suited to the scientific method?



Case study


Secondary data analysis

Question: A measurement is considered ______ if it actually measures what it is intended to measure, according to the topic of the study.






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