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Photo depicts Earth from space.
This NASA image is a composite of several satellite-based views of Earth. To make the whole-Earth image, NASA scientists combine observations of different parts of the planet. (credit: NASA/GSFC/NOAA/USGS)

Viewed from space, Earth offers no clues about the diversity of life forms that reside there. The first forms of life on Earth are thought to have been microorganisms that existed for billions of years in the ocean before plants and animals appeared. The mammals, birds, and flowers so familiar to us are all relatively recent, originating 130 to 200 million years ago. Humans have inhabited this planet for only the last 2.5 million years, and only in the last 200,000 years have humans started looking like we do today.

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microbio final
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Sample Questions from the microbio final Quiz

Question: 7. Which is not a characteristic of Helicobacter pylori?


a. Causes destruction of the mucus layer that leads to erosion of the stomach wall

b. Produces enterotoxin that causes diarrhea

c. Produces urease that buffers stomach acidity

d. Lives in the stomach

Question: 6. Penicillin is an efficient antibiotic against the following group of microbes:


a. Protozoa

b. Fungi

c. Streptococci

d. Pseudomonas

Question: 5. What is correct for salmonellosis?


a. Caused by Salmonella, Gr+ bacterium

b. Can be treated with antibiotics

c. Bacteria multiply in phagocytic cells

d. Incubation time is 3 weeks

Question: 8. What is not correct for Anthrax?


a. It is caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis

b. Can be contracted by those who handle animals

c. Respiratory tract infection can be easily treated

d. Bacterial endospores are found in the soil

Question: Staphylococcus can cause food poisoning. Which is correct?


The toxin produced by this bacterium can be destroyed by cooking

Antibiotics are used for treatment

The organism grows readily in the refrigerated food

It is part of normal flora of nasal cavity

Question: Hepatitis A


a. Is caused by an enveloped virus

b. Is caused by a non-enveloped virus

c. Infection is acquired via oral rout

d. B and C is correct

Question: 10. Spongiform encephalopathies are


a. Associated with abnormal, transmissible, protein in the brain

b. Chronic, fatal infections of the nervous system

c. Caused by prions

d. All of the choices are correct

Question: 11. Which is incorrect about rabies?


a. Is a zoonotic disease

b. Wild populations of bats, skinks, raccoons, cats and canines are primary reservoirs

c. Transmission can involve bites, scratches and inhalation

d. Average incubation in human is 2 days

Question: 9. What group of microorganisms is not part of skin normal microbiota?


a. Micrococci

b. Diphtheroids

c. Spirochetes

d. Yeasts

Question: 4. The virulence factor for mumps is


a. Inflammation

b. Acid production

c. Endotoxin

d. Formation of multinucleate cell – scyncytia

Question: 3. What is not correct for the dental plaque?


a. The plaque is made up of streptococci and filamentous bacteria Actinomyces

b. Dental plaque is a biofilm

c. Inside the plaque, bacteria ferment fructose into lactic acid

d. Inside the plaque, bacteria ferment glucose into lactic acid

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